Chores Stink.

Pairity is an app that helps you manage your schedule, communicate, and improve your relationship with both your chores and your partner.

Pairity is not just any productivity to-do list. It is specifically designed for couples who want to work together, smarter.

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The Pairity app will first be available for iOS devices!

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Life's Tasks, Together

Here are some of the features you can expect from Pairity!

Tackle Life as a Team

Sometimes life's chores do feel like a battle. Make sure you and your partner are playing on the same team.

Dismantle the Patriarchy

Unpaid household chores prop up the Pay Gap. Make conscious choices about your household decisions, whatever they may be.

Share your Lists

Pairity helps you divide and conquer, collaborate, and share the load. Let the app be a hub for shared tasks.

Automatic Reoccurrence

Forget about it! Take those swirling thoughts about timing and offload some mental energy to the app.

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